5 Easy Steps to Become a Wedding Officiant

5 Easy Steps to Become a Wedding Officiant

  1. Check out the state's marriage laws
  2. Get Ordained
  3. Contact the Marriage License Authority
  4. Register with the state (if necessary)
  5. Plan the Wedding Ceremony

As the happy couple begins their journey toward marriage, they have been focusing on making their relationship stronger than ever. However, they soon realize that they are in the final stages of planning their wedding. They need someone to help them with the final touches and make the day perfect. Wedding officiants are the perfect people to help couples with their wedding. They make sure that everything runs smoothly, and they also have a lot of experience when it comes to weddings. If you’re interested in becoming a wedding officiant, then check out these five simple steps to get started.

  • Be prepared: do your research and check the relevant jurisdiction's marriage laws to find out what requirements exist for officiating weddings.
  • Finally, in some states, you may need to register as a wedding officiant. into the requirements for your location.
  • Finally, you may need to register with the state in order to officiate marriages.

Check out the state's marriage laws

  • Every state has a different set of laws and regulations to become an officiant. You should familiarize yourself with the specific requirements for your state law in order to legally marry people.
  • It is important to check whether a particular county within a state permits non-clergy members or civil servants to perform marriages. Furthermore, it can be helpful to also look into city laws on the matter.

Get Ordained

If you are not already ordained as clergy or authorized to legally marry people ((judges, court clerks), the first step is becoming ordained. This sounds like it can be pretty intimidating; however, according to my research on ordination organizations, online these websites became very easy.

  • Most online ordaining services do not require you to be affiliated with a particular religion and the process is typically free.  Click Here to get ordained

Contact the Marriage License Authority

Before you perform any marriage ceremonies, you may need to get documentation proving that you are licensed as a marriage officiant. Policies vary by state, and sometimes even from county to county so be sure to check the rules in your area for more information about what is required of ordained individuals.

Register with the state (if necessary)

Once you are ordained, refer to the marriage laws of your state and see if there is a need for any registration. Not every state requires this- in some states all that is needed is ordination. In others, you must register with the government and pay fees accordingly (those fees vary by state). Some states require an additional letter from the organization where one was ordained before they can register their services as well.
In some states, you are required to supply a letter of good standing from the ordaining organization in order to register. Click here for wedding state law's requirements

Plan the Wedding Ceremony

It's time to plan the ceremony! Be sure to sit down with the soon-to-be-married couple and ask them what they want from their big day. Remember to understand any jokes, specific details, or themes that are important for your bride and groom. Practice your script before giving a presentation; it will give you confidence when performing in front of an audience.


Tools and Resources to help you Get Started as a Professional Wedding Officiant.

Online Ordination 

The Universal Life Church is a non-denominational religious organization that provides members around the world with opportunities for spiritual and cultural expression. With millions of followers, it has accumulated global recognition as well. By becoming ordained through the ULC, you are granted all rights afforded to clergymen/women of other faiths - including performing legal wedding ceremonies! Ordination also opens up new doors such as starting your own ministry or presiding over others' spiritual ceremonies.


Click Here to Become an Ordained Minister


Wedding Officiant Course

This Wedding Officiant Course teaches you how to perform marriage ceremonies with ease and elegance.

Click Here to Start Training:

Wedding Ceremony Scripts

Designing a personalized wedding script is not easy, but it's nice to have examples to refer back to when we're struggling. 

Click Here to View Sample Scripts


Custom Marriage Certificate

the perfect gift from the minister to the couple at their wedding. 

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