Georgia House Bill HB334 Opens Door to Online Signatures.

notary industry news Feb 03, 2022

Georgia Notaries: Read this!

What is Georgia House Bill HB334?

H.B. 334 also permits Remote Online Notaries to perform "Electronic In-Person Notarizations," where the notary is an official witness for signatures executed in the physical presence of the notary, but via digital signature of parties executing them remotely.




This act amends Article 2 of Chapter 6 of Title 15 and Article 1 of Chapter 17 in the Official Code which deals with notaries public. It provides for remote online notaries public, as well as remote online notarizations in general. The act also rewords some definitions in order to make it clear what is being discussed throughout this piece of legislation. This bill's intent is to provide additional powers for the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority, which would include requirements for remote online notaries public and remote online notarization. The legislation also contemplates that the cooperative authority may adopt certain standards, as well as apply or appoint someone to be a remote online notary public. Provide requirements for electronic journaling, to amend Article 4 of Chapter 18 of Title 50 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to inspection of public records, so as to provide that certain records related to remote online notarization processes shall not be subject or available for public disclosure; provide regulation around this change; and make any necessary updates.


On March 31, 3021 the Bill was tabled. The Bill's sponsor, Joseph Gullett said he would try again in 2022 to revive it.

Click here for the current version of HB 334 HERE!




Georgia Notaries! Take action! Share your voice about RON in Georgia!

Samantha Smith is the owner of SHElistenS LLC, a notary specialist in Georgia.


It's imperative that Georgia Notaries know and understand how the law impacts their business. That is why your action is needed!

A hearing for HB334 (Remote Online Notarization - RON) currently in the Georgia General Assembly Judiciary Committee will soon go to Senate, where it needs to be pushed forward or across with haste. How?


By contacting the Senators below

Blake Tillery (912) 537-3030 or [email protected]

Brian Strickland (404) 463-6593 or [email protected]

Bill Cowsert (706) 543-7700 or [email protected]

Harold Jones (706) 339-1424 or [email protected]

Below is a sample script that can be used when calling or emailing each Senator.


"Good day Senator (INSERT SENATOR'S NAME), my name is [NAME], and I am (CALLING/EMAILING) as a member of the (Georgia Notary Network, Inc.) OR (Georgia Notary Public). It is very important to me that you pass HB 334. As a Notary professional this would provide the opportunity to expand virtual notarization space, offer data privacy protections, and time saved on travel. I urge the Senate to push this Bill along as the world continues to move to digital space and to vote YES to pass HB 334. Thank you for your time and attention today."


Click here to Watch Samantha Smith's full video on How Georgia Notaries can help!


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